Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mmmm, it's lunchtime.

Yes,  It is finally lunchtime.  That means that I have actually had a morning.

My morning was pretty busy. Much different from some of those dark days in my past.  So, morning activities included breakfast, an extra cup of tea and reading & discussing the newspaper with my hubby.

Then onto my morning "toilette". (Here is where I report my use, as promised, of my Melaleuca products.  I used Sei Bella Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner and mineral face powder and The Gold Bar bath soap; that's 6 of 350.  I do "walk the talk."  This is my way of sharing how joy and health have returned to my home.

I phoned several clients and potential customers for my "Best Practices Delivered" business and invited 4 individuals to a webinar where they can learn more about using healthier products in their homes.  Easy huh?

Turned on the smooth jazz station for background atmosphere for 10 minutes of morning stretching.  I danced around the room "Ellen" style to "S7ven Large", then got serious about my Moo Doe session for the next 30 minutes.  Moo Doe is really working well for me.  My flexibility and balance are improving.  Dr Barnard even noticed some improvement with my cervical neck correction.  My lower back also has some increased flexibility...even with the drop in temperature yesterday and today. I would normally be swallowing 2 more ibuprofen with lunch.  I have not had any for a few days.  I will be using an ice pack after lunch though, but this is big progress for me.

It is a sunny 28 degrees in Pittsburgh.  I feel a sense of accomplishment and joy about my morning. Yeah!

For your viewing pleasure, I have included photos of the products I have used today...just staying honest.

Lunch consists of chicken breast on wheat bread with a large handful of baby spinach enhanced with a small smidge of Christopher Ranch Pesto sauce mixed with a small blob of Hellman's Real Mayonnaise, a glass of Sustain sports drink-raspberry lemonade, my vitamins, an apple, and maybe a home-made chocolate chip cookie.  In case you lost count, I have used 8 Melaleuca products and it is only 12:30 pm.

Mmmm, it's lunchtime.I am ready. Super day so far.  How much excitement, belief and control have you demonstrated in your life this morning?  Best wishes for health and happiness for you all.  More next week.  M

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come Play in the Water

Just imagine a hot summer day.  The sun feels hot on your skin.  Your hands start to feel a little damp and sticky.  Your plan is to go to the lake with your friends.  Everyone gathers after lunch.  You're giggling and pushing one another as you approach the lake.  Your friends flip off their shoes, drop their backpacks, run, then jump into the water.  And you stand there like a marble statue, not jumping, not running, just standing, hot, clammy, sick to your stomach, trying to deal with the fear of jumping into the water!  Remember that panicky feeling? I do. Fear. I hate it.

As adults, we still experience that same sickening, panicky feeling.  It happens when something dreadful occurs, or when you receive bad news.  As a kid, you may have circled that lake many times; wanting to jump in, but just too scared.  Then one day you just got sick and tired of being left out.  Finally,you did something about it.  Well, hopefully you did something about it.

That's exactly how I feel 1,468 days after a car accident.   I used to be so scared that I was not going to get better.  I am not really counting the days, just taking notice of how far I have come.

I have not done this alone.  So, I have a few people (lots) to thank before I jump into the lake...uh, I'm home in my jammies....that's just an expression. Here we go: to my husband Mike-you are the best of everything; to my dearest and only son Will-you are handsome and perfect,  to the professionals, Dr. Jeremy Succup, Chiropractor, thanks for drying my tears and encouraging me to keep moving; Dr. Kathleen Holtz, thanks for the re-mapping, mindfulness techniques, and finding a new woman in the wads of wet kleenex and swollen eyelids and sucky attitude; and finally Dr. Caleb Barnard at Faster Pittsburgh Chiropractic where I regained my lost inch (another doc measured me at routine follow up), balance, a better attitude, recovered the ability to climb into pantyhose, and physically start to feel like my "old" self, and lastly, my friends...not naming anyone because you are all supportive...everyone of you has been a blessing (here come the tears), yes, every one!

There were the weeks I could not be left alone, the weeks I was afraid to leave the house, the phone calls where I made no sense, the lunches where I dropped food all over my boobs when my arm could not reach my mouth, the day I removed a steaming casserole from the oven without oven mitts, the Easter dinner that I threw on the kitchen floor as family walked in (they found something to cook while I cried), the 32 bedspreads I purchased at Marshall's that Michael and I returned that same day, the hours spent at the grocery store buying nothing because I could not decide what to buy.  Okay, you get the picture. I hear Michael's gentle voice:  "that's enough honey". I wished that I could go back to that scary summer day and get a "do over"; but fear is fear. You need to stand up to it.  Fear does not go away unless you make it go away. I learned a lot that summer.  I learned that feeling left out was awful.  I wanted in.  I wanted to be swimming in the lake that summer day.  I learned to face my fear of water and summoned that same courage again to get my life  back after the car accident.

 I have made peace, re-mapped and am moving on. So, here's the new plan.  My writing skills were almost taken away, but I am moving forward enough to write this blog.  You can support me by reading it, commenting in a kind way (at least until I get a little tougher) and asking questions.  My goal is to write once a week.  Topics will vary.  I will review Melaleuca products since I am building a business. I will write more about my road to recovery.  Dr. Barnard is still on the journey with me.  My physicians have suggested Moo Doe as a physical activity.  I have become a student at Oom Yung Doe; testing the water again.   Michael is calling me Sauterelle---grasshopper in French-sort of.

Yes, I have made some scary hard choices.  I am blessed to have choices to make. Come play in the water with me.  I am not afraid. I will hold your hand, you will hold mine.  We will make this journey together.  We will find joy in this life.  We will over come obstacles and laugh at our fears.  We will dance in the warm sun  and cool ourselves in the refreshing water of life.

More laughs and less tears next week. M

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blues Devils have giant hearts.

Last Friday night in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, a group of Devils demonstrated just how big their hearts really are. These Devils are giving devils a good name. Sounds like I had too much ETOH, not true!

Over 18 months ago, I was working with a group that needed to do some fund raising. We certainly did not have cash on hand to do any good deeds, let alone pay for a band.  So, a friend named Bob Lee suggested he gather a few friends together, do lots of practicing and perform at this event.  There was a moment of silence.

After a few members on the planning committee started breathing again, a few asked how bad could the band be, and the rest decided they had nothing to lose. No cash, no good deeds; what's the worse that could happen. The event was a great success. I'm not giving away all the details here, but over $4,000 was raised at their first event. Unbelievable. A miracle.

These guys had so much fun. We all did. They made believers of all of us. The Blues Devils did make a difference.  They got hooked on "good deeds" and are still playing to raise even more money.  If you have a good cause, they just might raise some money for you. Give them a call.

My purpose is to recognize the band members for their generosity and big hearts. I am certain they will be telling their own story soon enough; so, I am not stealing the devils' thunder here.

Teaching "best practices" is what I do; how to manage and grow a business, how to treat staff and clients, but having met the Blues Devils; a new dimension has been added to my existence. I received a lesson in how to give back to your community.

These devils have raised the bar to a higher level. As more misery and sadness creeps into the evening news, a spirit of giving and caring emerges in my community. I am happy to claim The Blues Devils of Mt Lebanon as my friends.

Thank you for your shining example of Servant Leadership Toby Venar, Marc Brodie, Doug Blair, Rob Doncourt, Bob Sebastian, and Bob Lee. And, as we all know, devils  do have horns, so welcome and thanks to the newest devils, Krista Wagner (Sax) and Rob Reichenfeld (Trumpet). THANK YOU!